Friday, April 30, 2010


It's time for Sara Palin and John McCain to go skinny dipping of the shore of Louisiana. And I suppose they should take President Obama with them.

They should also read one of my recent posts and the associated comments.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Epic Dreams

One year ago this weekend I began my adventure of a lifetime. I truly believed that completing this journey I had dreamed of for so long would "cure" me of this silly bicycle stuff. It didn't. Ever since I returned, I've been longing to get back on the open road, camping in the majesty of nature with my destiny in the hands of only myself and God. I guess I haven't fully adjusted back into "normal" life. I feel uncomfortable back in the corporate world and perhaps I never was. I can't shake this nagging feeling that I am meant for something else. But what?!

The good news is that I discovered a wonderful side effect of making time to fulfill your dreams - you get to dream up new ones!

And so as I sit in this cold windowless box ensuring someone else makes lots of money, I dream of my next adventure. It might not be as grand as the last one - or perhaps it will be even more epic! Either way its nice to dream and I can't wait.

As Whitney sings in the final video of my trip - "My finest day is yet unknown"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Don't Shoot But...................

Is there a bill being proposed somewhere to annul the 2nd amendment? I don't recall reading anything about it. Still there are protesters outside the capital - with guns - protesting their right to carry them. Did I miss something?

The real scary part of this is that some of the protesters say they are there in response to the health care bill. I guess Sarah Palin's message has been received.

I believe in the constitutional right to bear arms - in fact I have many family members who are hunters (for food). However, I do not believe that crazy people should be allowed to carry a weapon (concealed or not)! Anybody that makes a connection between health care reform and the right to bear arms who then shows up at a protest with a weapon should be arrested on the spot and confined to a mental institution. This is not a demonstration - it is a threat of brutal violence. These people are clearly saying that they intend to use their weapons against people who disagree with them.

We call this terrorism.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prostitution Is Illegal

If Corporations are to be considered and treated as persons in this country, with the same rights and responsibilities as an individual, then it follows that these Individuals shall not buy and sell other Individuals. This Corporate person has the right to exist but is owned by no one. In this country it is against the law to own a person. The end to mega-monopolies has finally arrived. Put the Corporate Pimps in jail.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Andre Gets Five Minutes

If you have read any of the comments in my recent posts, you will see my reader Andre and I have gotten into some spirited debates on some of these political topics. Well, at least they were spirited for a while and then they got rather lengthy and cynical. Still, I enjoy a good debate.

The other day I went back and started reading my blog from the beginning - back to 2005. An interesting theme appeared almost immediately that I wanted to share. My arguments against the "W" administration at the time are amazingly similar the arguments currently being voiced by Andre and other political commentators today. Wasted tax payer money, huge deficits, not listening to the American people and violation or erosion of our basic American rights were central themes then and now. At the time people were even referring to George W. as Hitler - just as they are doing to President Obama.

Are both parties right? Are both parties wrong? I find it all very interesting.

Democrats Love Palin!

Republicans have chosen as their party's primary spokesperson a high ranking elected official who quit her elected job to be a spokesperson. They elected her - she quit - and they love her for it! It really is quite comical. But in my opinion, Sarah Palin is the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic party. She is indeed a portrait of the extreme right movement and I don't think the moderate Republicans enjoy her or her message. I'm also hopeful that her high visibility and extreme opinions against a popular Democratic President will bring out more Democratic voters who might otherwise choose not to vote. Go Palin!

Air Sick

CEO's of major airlines keep telling us that the reason they are charging extra fees for things that should be included in the ticket price is for the customers benefit. It gives us more "choices" and makes their pricing "fair".

I've never heard a bigger piece of crap.

I'm just trying to get to South Dakota from Florida to visit my ailing Mother and the base fare is still over $550.00 - not including food, checked and/or carry-on bags, and fuel surcharge. By the time I board that plane it will cost me well over $600.00 for a domestic coach ticket! I don't have a "choice" and it certainly isn't "fair".

A note to CEO's everywhere: Stop coming up with this stupid "word play". We are smarter than you think and you are making your companies look very foolish to the consumer. When we really do get a choice at something fair, we will remember who tried to screw us.

UPDATE 4/20/10 - Spirit Airlines announces "pre-reclined" seats on it's new plane. Pre-reclined!! LOL You got it - those are seats that don't move at all. Nice. This is totally going to ruin Ellen DeGeneres's stand up routine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thrilled With 30 Cents

My local grocery store always puts the amount I saved on the bottom of my receipt. I don't even need a stupid saving card to enjoy the discount. I take pride in my careful shopping and usually only buy what's on sale due to my very limited budget. Sometimes I save 30 - 50 percent with a good "buy one get one free" sale. I find it interesting that when I have such a great shopping trip - saving $30 on $100 worth of groceries, I'm handed my receipt without any notice of my accomplishment. However, if I go in to buy something under $10, the cashier uses a marker to hi-light the amount I saved and then announces cheerfully as she hands me the receipt " you saved 30 cents today!".

Friday, April 09, 2010

Machines Are Not Magic

It amazes me that people don't take the time to learn how things work. Machines do some amazing things but there isn't a whole lot of magic in the world. Here are a few examples:

I = Issue
W = why it's wrong

I = A person arrives home and turns the A/C down to 50 thinking it will get cool faster (or the heat up to 90)
W = A/C and heating units always run at the same speed and the fan that distributes the air also typically runs at the same speed. The thermostat is only designed to stop the device when the proper temperature is reached. It cannot make the device work faster. Just set the temperature where you want it to stop and it will get there.

I = a person mowing the lawn is walking very fast to get the job done faster (or the vacuum cleaner)
W = The blade on the mower only turns so fast. If you push it faster you won't cut all the grass. Same for the vacuum cleaner - give the machine time to work

I = More soap means cleaner laundry
W = Too much soap means the machine won't be able to rinse all the soap out.

I = You just started the car and someone yells to turn up the heat (I didn't say "she" did I??)
W = Most cars get their heat from the engine. When you first start the car there isn't any heat. If you turn up the fan to hi you will only be blowing a lot of cold air around. Wait a little while then turn up the fan.

I= If you cook it on Hi it will get done faster.
W= Some things need lower heat to allow time for the heat to get through the food. If you cook it on Hi you will have a done or burnt outside and an undercooked inside. It works good for a rare steak though.

I have actually seen people do all of these things - and I'll admit I was guilty of the last one before I stopped to think about it. I'm a much better cook now.