Thursday, November 15, 2012

If You Can Read This - I Didn't Write It

My handwriting is terrible.  My signature is even worse!  I used to have fairly neat handwriting both cursive and regular and my signature was easily readable.  I may have spelled things incorrectly on occasion but the writing was beautiful.  I blame computers.  I simply do not write anything by hand anymore.  When I do I really have to think about it and concentrate to get it readable.  I'm a whiz at typing and the computer will even correct my spelling.  But it has made my handwriting lazy.

I wonder how the kids of today will be affected by this?  Most learn to type on a computer before they even learn to write by hand.  I'm certain they still teach writing in schools and probably even still teach cursive, but if the students never have a call to actually write things manually I wonder if it will even stick in their brains.  In my day (I can't believe I just wrote typed that!) we were asked in class to type reports - on a typewriter - just to ensure that we could actually use the typewriter.  If I were a teacher today I would insist that my students submit all reports in handwriting - just to be sure they could do it.  That's quite a reversal. 

Maybe I should hand write my blog.  Wait - that would never work.  But seriously, it might be time to do some manual letter writing just to get back in practice.  It probably would be wise for everyone to do some form of regular manual letter writing before we all forget how.  Imagine if a giant solar flare knocked out power on earth.  Only us old folks would know how to write!

By the way - I can't do math anymore either due to the computer.  I guess I should turn the computer off and do some fractions as well. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

Un-American Politics

It's been decided that corporations are people and that money equals free speech. But did they decide that those corporations are only American? In a system where unlimited donations can be made by anonymous sources to influence our elections, you must ask yourself who exactly is trying to control this country - and from where?

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Awesome Election!

The election is over (almost - Floriduh!) and it was a nail biter for sure!  I've been watching this past election very closely with both anticipation and entertainment for at least the last 2 years.  It was the best reality show on TV and the good news is that it had a happy ending.

Shortly after the election in 2010 I wrote about the Political Tsunami I felt was building behind the Tea Party quake of that year. I just read through that article and I was pretty much right on track.  The political tsunami indeed did happen - but it was not totally what I had imagined.  I expected a landslide win for Obama and it was - but much closer than I thought.  The big surprise for me was the other historical liberal "firsts" that happened this year including:
  • Gay marriage approved in 2 states by popular vote
  • Marijuana legalized in 2 states by popular vote - and not just for medicinal purposes
  • The first openly gay person voted into the Senate
  • And many more as reported by this Washington Post article
These are all seismic changes in the political spectrum and they can't be ignored.  It is also clear in this election that the minority vote - especially when combined with gay and women's issues are a force against conservatism in this country.

Needless to say I am thrilled with the results of 2012 - but it will likely be short lived.  It is a fact that there are far more registered Democratic voters than Republican voters and we should be able to win most elections.  But the sad truth is that many Democrats do not vote in mid-term elections like the one in 2010 and the GOP takes full advantage if that complacency.  Hopefully we can keep the momentum of this year going into 2014 and get more Democrats out to vote.  We didn't take control of the House this year - and in a way I'm glad because at this point I believe we need that balance.  We are already seeing - the House sticking by their same old "no compromise" attitude.  That should also help in possibly getting the House control back in 2014.  A new prediction?  Perhaps.  :)