Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pledge to White People

The Republicans have unveiled their so called "Pledge to America" and I have to admit - if nothing else it is an honest portrayal of their view of America. I decided I would at least read the document before I commented on it but 40+ pages? Really?? I didn't have enough bathroom time to read that much but I did look at the pictures they chose to include with the document. Lots and lots of white people, cowboys, town hall meetings (with only white people in attendance) and even a national monument with white people (it's in the Black Hills - but that doesn't count). In all the pictures in the document I only saw one minority - a military service person and he was only light brown. Indeed - that is the America that Republicans live in. There are no black people, no poor people, no sick people, and no city people. It's little wonder their policies do not support social programs. The only social program those white people need is the one they actually do support - social security. Most of those folks were really old!

In fairness, they made an attempt to make the document bathroom friendly - slashing it down to only 2 pocket size white pages. Here you can clearly see where their priorities are. Tax cuts for rich white people, no health insurance for people who are not rich white people, more laws to keep the brown people out of the USA, and more wars "over there" to send the black people to fight. Oh, and my favorite line on the pocket size version is the last one: "We will fight efforts to use a national crisis for political gain". Hypocrisy anyone??

Gosh - reading back on this it looks like I'm calling the Republican party racist! Well, if the pledge fits.........

Republicans are not fond of facts. They like to live in a fantasy world where everyone is white, rich, and living in a pleasant little rural Christian town. But facts are facts and in reality the USA is a very diverse nation with many large cities, lots of people of every race and religion. We are a nation with too many poor people and too many sick people and too many homeless people. We have big problems "over here" and due to the greed of the few we have many who suffer. These people need help and that is where Government steps in - not steps out.

I'm glad the Republicans gave us this pledge. I hope everyone reads it (the short version at least) and realizes how out of touch the Republican party is.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I loved this movie. It was a cheesy futuristic farce but it was a little to realistic when it comes to what happens when stupid people multiply. I saw it on HBO - they should play it every day until election day. The Tea Party movement is a prime example of such stupidity.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Important Election Approaches

November 2, 2010 is a very important day. Democrats - you must get out and vote!

The coming election has the potential to undo all the great things the Obama administration has accomplished in the last 2 years. If you believe the media and all the comments in the on-line news stories then you would think the election is going to be a landslide victory for the Republicans. That's what they want you to believe and they think it's working. Well even though I don't believe the media or the comments I am still very concerned because of the low Democratic voter turnout in the primary elections. We can't win if we don't vote!

Democrats have not forgotten the state of this country the Obama administration inherited. We haven't forgotten that the Republicans have tried to block every monumental accomplishment in the last 2 years. We haven't forgotten they said:
  • No to health care reform (without another suggestion except "start over").
  • No to financial reform (Corporate greed is OK with them).
  • No to jobs bills.
  • No to environmental bills.
  • No to tax cuts for the middle class.
  • No to everything! (wait, they did say yes to tax cuts for the rich).
Still the Obama administration has passed historic and monumental legislation against all this resistance because we still have a majority - but that could change in November.

We haven't forgotten all these things, but we did forget to vote in the primary elections. Complacency is the biggest problem the Democratic party has and this is where Republicans have a clear advantage. They don't have a better plan - but they do vote. They have lead a very aggressive and coordinated campaign against positive change since November 2008. Only you can stop the insanity - VOTE!

If you want this country to be run by the likes of Glen Beck, Sara Palin, Rush Limbaugh, or Pastor Terry Burns, - then stay home on election day. If you want to keep hope and change alive then get off the couch and vote Democratic on November 2nd. We still have a lot to do.

It's very important! Spread the word!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rights AND Responsibilities

America is a great country. Those who founded our government realized the power of freedom and wrote it into our constitution. Since then many brave souls have lost their lives in battles to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. Indeed we have many inalienable rights in this country. But with every right comes attached responsibility.

You have the right to say whatever you want in front of your children. You may curse in their presence. You do have that right. But you also have a responsibility to act as an adult in front of your children so they can learn to be responsible as well.

You have the right to drive a motor vehicle if you are properly licensed and insured. But you have a responsibility to drive that vehicle in a safe and controlled manor. If not, you can have your right revoked by law.

You have the right to yell FIRE! in a crowed room but you have the responsibility not to do so as it may cause people to be trampled, injured or killed in the resulting panic.

I hope this point is clear now. Rights and responsibilities are related and inseparable. You are responsible for how you use your rights.

So yes, you have the right to burn the holy book of another religion to make your point. Is it a responsible thing to do? Not if doing so will instill hatred and violence against others. Even the President and top Generals are saying it is not a responsible thing to do. I would suggest the responsible thing to do would be use your house of worship as a tool to help others rather than hurt them. Feed people, cloth them - not kill them. It is not your place to judge others - even though you do have that right.

You have the right to build a Mosque near ground zero in NYC. Is it the responsible thing to do? Well.........possibly not and there may be better choices - but in this case I say yes. Why is it different than burning a holy book? Because in this country we also have freedom of religion and I believe this group is being unfairly targeted by those who misinterpret religion as being the same as terrorism (see above example). It is responsible to promote equality - another right we have in this country. It is responsible to fight to have your right protected. These people are not passing judgment on others - they are simply trying to enjoy their freedom of religion.

Please - lets all be thankful for our rights and use them responsibly. It's not hard - just ask yourself that simple question. I have the right - but is it the responsible thing to do?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dogs are Pigs

Several years ago I rescued a female dog for the first time. I've always had male dogs before and worried that my little wiener dog Oscar might want to "take advantage" of Loretta (both are "fixed"). But Loretta put a stop to that at the very first meeting. As soon as Oscar decided to explore the private bits - Loretta let out a very certain growl and a quick nip and Oscar knew his place. Through the last several years, if Oscar got too close, the low growl was all that was needed to get the point across. Problem is that Oscar is old and sickly these days and can't hear well anymore. In the last several weeks I've witnessed him poking around "there" while Loretta is eating and heard the definitive growl. Oscar, having not heard the growl, assumed it is suddenly OK! I've had to yell at him (loudly) to get him to stop before she got upset and snapped at him.

They say men are pigs - I guess it applies to dogs too.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Universal Holiday?

Finally - a holiday weekend where I can relax on the beach and not feel guilty! I hope the weather is nice because there is no need to worry that maybe I should be attending a church service, or hosting a huge meal, or attending a parade, or visiting a grave, or saluting a soldier. Labor day is one of the only holidays that applies to almost everyone!

Ever say Happy 4th of July to someone and have them reply "I'm British"?
Ever wish someone a Merry Christmas only to have them reply "I'm Jewish"
Ever wish someone a Happy New Year only to have them reply "I'm Chinese"?
Ever wish someone a Happy Memorial Day and then just feel bad because it's really not a happy Holiday? And it's sort of a Military Holiday anyway - might not apply to everyone.

My only disappointment with Labor Day is that many businesses will still be operating all weekend long. We do live in a 24hr, 365 day society after all. But wouldn't it be great if every business except the real necessities shut down for just one day? It's Labor Day for crying out loud!

Uh oh, if I wish someone in our call center a Happy Labor Day they might reply "I have to work".

No Holiday is safe.

Base Percentage Pay

I think business pay structures should be set up so that all employees benefit from the success of the company. In this scenario all employees - from the cleaning crew to the CEO - would have their pay based on a percentage of the business profits. An employee who works above and beyond could be rewarded by advancing to the next higher percentage. And their title is not necessarily tied to their percentage.

As we know, sometimes a business can struggle through a hard time and might not have profits for a period. This is why all employees would also have a base salary that would be guaranteed. During these hard times the employee would only get their base salary. But when the business returns to a profitable period, all the employees would again benefit by an automatic pay raise based on their percentage pay level. This is why I call this the Base Percentage pay structure. It's sort of like a commission - but for everyone.

Imagine the motivation of every single person to have their company succeed! Success in the business means added success in the paycheck - for everyone. Why limit the financial motivation to only the sales team? What works for them can work for the entire company! I don't know why every business isn't run this way.