Friday, April 20, 2007

Hiway Robbery

I read today that the current rise in gas prices is due to high demand and shortage in supply. If this is true, where are the lines at the pumps? How is it that we keep having these so called shortages in supply blamed on everything from storms to war tensions, but yet everyone has enough to put in their tank? Worse yet, the huge oil companies are recording record profits. Actually its more like obscene profits.

As a good friend of mine often says: "Something in the milk ain't clean".

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pass It Off

President Bush has always said he will not put a timetable on pulling troops out of Iraq. But after the election when America said very clearly we want change and he still says no - it is beginning to look like he wants to make someone else deal with this mess. If he can just keep this bloody money machine going for a little while longer, someone else will have to figure out a way to end it or take the heat for what happens.

Yes, it could be a conspiracy theory on my part but it really is beginning to look that way to me. And if true - it is very sad.

Mr. President, I challenge you to find a way to end this nightmare BEFORE you leave office. How about that for a timetable.

Tricky Weeds

How do the weeds know what I'm going to plant? If I plant corn, suddenly there is a weed that looks almost like a corn plant! Plant a tomato and there it is - a weed that looks like a tomato plant. But I don't see a tomato looking weed next to the corn plant. How do they know??