Monday, October 25, 2010

Rock The Vote!

This Blog was started way back in the middle of the Bush years. If you read the description of what this blog is about you know that NOW is a very crucial time in our history. The country is still revolting against conservative extremists. This very important election is only a week away. Please make sure your Democratic and Independent friends know about it and get out to vote! If you need to be reminded about why it's important, just read this blog from the beginning and remember what the Bush years were like. And don't just take my word for it - there are plenty of reminders out here on the net.

We can continue to get this country back on track. But only if we defeat the Republicans in this very important election. Get out and VOTE!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It Just Got Better

I know for a fact that my life as a teen would have been much easier if I had a President (or anybody) to helped me realize that being born gay is not something to be ashamed of. I'm not sure how kids always seem to know another kid is gay - but they do. I was bullied as were millions more. Thank you President Obama for publicly addressing this very important issue.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I haven't been posting quite as frequently lately and my gentle reader(s?) may be wondering "where he at?". Well, not only have I been working diligently to get my new job website started but I've also started a new Blog on the site! The NightOwlStaffing Blog deals with relevant issues in the job market with a focus on after hours shifts. It's a great compliment to I hope I can provide some insight and information to anyone in the current job market.

I invite you to join me on the new Blog and I also welcome your comments and suggestions on how to make even better.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

If you are not - you can't be certain why they are

If you are not ( ) then you can't be certain why they are ( )

Try filling in the same word in both brackets. I think it's a powerful message. Here are some words to try:



The other powerful message is this:

They do know why they are ( ) - believe them.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How Crazy People Get Elected

Ever wonder why there are so many political extremists on Capital Hill? We are witnessing how it occurs this very election. It would be interesting to watch if the consequences were not so dire. Here is how it works:

  • Something big happens that gets people fired up and opinionated (terrorist attack, gays, economic meltdown etc.). Most of the time these events are planned and politically motivated.
  • Grass roots political extremists unite to "Take America Back". This year it's the Tea Party Movement - but it's been done many times before on both sides.
  • Unqualified extremist "schmoes" run for office on the sole platform of the big event they are fighting (completely ignoring the rest of the counties issues)
  • Typical low voter turnout in the primary elections actually gets these extremists on the ballot - because fired up extremists do vote (the most famous "schmo" this year is Christine O'Donnell)
  • And the final critical element is this: Even though the political party agrees that these people are extremists and do not represent their views at all - they will vote for them anyway because they would rather do that than vote for the other party.
  • Wa-la! A new crop of political extremists moves to The Hill - for life!
People - we must do 2 major things to fix our national elections:

  1. Vote with your head - not with your political party
  2. Enact term limits so when crazy people do get into office they are not there for life.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Escape Artist Completes His Mission

"Escape Artist" was just one of the many names he was known by. He was also called "Ghetto Dog", "Buddy", "Kiddo", "The Oscar Meyer Wiener Dog" or just by his name "Oscar". He was all of those things to me and more.

He lived like a King in my home but from the first day he arrived he began searching for a way out. He dug holes under the fence, He carefully watched, hoping I might forget to close the gate, or he might try to sneak past the guests saying goodnight at the front door. I went through great lengths to fortify the yard, gates and exits to keep him from getting out. But every once in a while - several times a year - he managed to find the briefest opportunity to get out and when he did he went fast! He wasn't trying to get away from me - he just wanted to explore the world - much like I do. In fact, I'm certain that's how he ended up in the abandoned animal shelter to begin with - he just wanted to roam. Thankfully, through prayers, tags, and microchips I was always able to retrieve him and he managed not to get run over.

He was likely 6 years old when I adopted him and we spent 7 or 8 happy years together. That would make him in his late 90's in dog years. Despite his desire to roam, Oscar was a great buddy. He insisted his place to sleep was under the covers in my bed - right next to me under my arm. At one point he was expelled from the bed by someone else who had joined me. That situation was not well received as everyone knows a footstool is no place for a King to sleep. But the other party was temporary and he soon regained his place next to me. I always enjoyed his company and even the fur covered sheets.

Short in stature but big in voice - Oscar was always on duty guarding La Casa de Tropical. My arrival at the house was never unannounced as was the arrival of any guest. A spray bottle of water (or maybe just the threat) might be needed to calm his enthusiasm - after all it is very exciting to have guests! And oh the joyful sound one makes when it's time to take a walk! All the neighbors must be aware.

Oscar was diagnosed with kidney failure some months ago and spent most of this year on constant medication to treat his persistent infections. Funny how a strong bond between two soles becomes stronger when dealing with life's issues. But his condition was terminal and his infections more intense. It was time for me to help with his master plan to escape. Knowing the day is inevitable makes it no easier and so with heavy heart I left the Vet knowing there will be an empty spot in my bed tonight. But the empty spot in my heart won't last long knowing that Oscar and Astro are running together again with no boundaries or barriers - no more need to escape.

Friday, October 01, 2010