Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wait For It................

The Presidential Election is only weeks away and most polls (except those on Fox News of course) are showing President Obama strengthening his lead.  But it is still a bit too early as things change quickly in the political world.  Add to that the extremely short attention span of most Americans and the race is still totally up in the air. 

I have a feeling that somewhere about 2 weeks from the actual election date, we will see some big damaging "thing" launched against President Obama by the GOP.  I would have no idea what that might be but I suspect they have something up their sleeve.  It is, if you recall, their number one goal and since they haven't done anything regarding the number 2 goal (the economy) they must be too busy working on #1.

I guess we will wait and see.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I had a hard time getting through today.  I felt like I never really woke up totally - even now at 11:30pm.  In fact I put off a painting side job this morning and went home and slept for an hour.  It didn't really help much. 

Animals sleep way more than people do.  So do infants and children who don't have a pressing schedule.  I think it is entirely possible that people believe we need way less sleep than we actually do.  It could also be a reason for many health issues - including ADD.  I wonder if coffee shops would be doing such great business if we were all totally rested.  Perhaps we would even use more of our brain power as sleeping seems to enhance our thought process. Forgive me for rambling - I'm tired.

Someone somewhere somehow decided we need 8 hours of sleep.  I think they may have underestimated.