Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sir, What is this charge?

New Buzzword alert - Surcharge.

Everyone from cruiselines, airlines, and even my power company are adding a hefty "fuel surcharge" to my tickets or bills. It's crazy!

When I buy a travel ticket, I expect the cost includes all the costs to the company providing the service plus a profit. The costs include equipment, depreciation, labor and yes - even fuel. Since when has fuel been an added on charge?

Have businesses forgotten that they can simply raise the ticket price by the added fuel costs? Do they think we consumers are so stupid that we won't add in the fuel surcharge when comparing prices? Oh wait, they don't tell you about the added surcharge until after you buy the ticket. I get it now. Kinda like those "Resort Fees" that started showing up on my hotel rooms after I already booked the hotel.

Seems very dishonest to me.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fly Naked

I hope the airlines don't mind when I show up naked. That way I don't get charged and extra fee for luggage and as an added bonus I don't have undress for the TSA!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

All Books Were Written By Humans

Show me a document written by God alone, and I'll show you a whole lot of folks using the wrong document.

Even Jesus didn't write anything down. Every document (Bible, Koran, etc.) was written by humans - and all humans are limited by their own knowledge and their personal biases.

No document can claim to be the "Word of God". Doing so is Blasphemy.

If you believe a document is divinely inspired - that may be true but could never be proven. Use such documents as your own guide to personal growth.

The Bee and the Bird

I saved a bee from drowning in the pool this morning. I wasn't sure it would be able to fly after being wet but it shook its wings and off it went. It made me feel good.

Minutes later, my dogs caught and killed a bird in my yard. Life can be so strange sometimes.