Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Amazing Super Powers of Hillary Clinton

It is beginning to look like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President (surprise!).  The firestorm of internet tabloid articles vilifying her have gone into high gear. This morning on Facebook a friends post supporting Bernie Sanders was hijacked with links to article after article of the horrors of Hillary - none of which came from a credible news source.  After so many of them were posted it occurred to me that there was very little chance that all these articles could be true because there is simply no way Hillary could be in all these places in the time frames indicated. Or that she was even in the position of authority to do them when they say it occurred.  Unfortunately I do not have the time it takes to research all these dates and times but I'll bet someone out there does.  I would love for someone to do a linear timeline showing the events being associated with Mrs. Clinton and some sort of a time-warp distortion every time one of these events occurs when Hillary was clearly someplace else.  Maybe I'll send an email to John Oliver on Last Week Tonight on HBO - I'll bet his team could do it in no time.