Saturday, June 28, 2008

Buzz Off Buzzwords

Buzzword warning of the day - "National Security" As in "we need to drill for oil because it is a matter of National security". The republican propaganda machine has latched on to this phrase and will drill it into the ground (pun intended). It has always been the republican way in politics to instill fear into those who don't think well for themselves. Please don't be fooled by buzzwords this election year.

Other buzzwords that have worked well for them in the past:

Homosexual Agenda
Over there not over here
Gay marriage
Gays in the Military
Family Values
Gay Adoption
Time of War
Special Rights


To unbuzz these words:

WMDs (never found - the inspectors already knew this)
Homosexual Agenda (equal rights for everyone - a very simple agenda)
Over there not over here (how can we be everywhere? Protect us HERE)
Gay marriage (A basic equal right - Separation of Church and State)
Taxes (how do you run a country without money? But use it for the people not the wars)
Gays in the Military (already there - always have been - always will be)
Bible (who's Bible?)
Family Values (Gays have families too - most are very normal)
Gay Adoption (see above - why deny a child a loving home?)
Time of War (we should be ending the wars - not keeping them going)
Special Rights (equal rights - EQUAL)

Sold! For $4.10 per Gallon

Back during the early part of the presidential primaries, I decided that if we HAD to have a republican president again, I thought John McCain would be OK. Back then he spoke of alternatives to oil which would not only lower the current high prices but also help the environment in the process. I even wrote about my (possible) support for him if needed.

Now, as he has become the presumptive Republican candidate, he has certainly changed his tune. Suddenly the cure for our high gas prices is more drilling off our fragile coasts and wildlife preserves. His other solutions include coal for garsh sakes! What happened? Clearly Mr. McCain has been purchased by the big oil corporations that are currently running our country. Because once again, and I can't say this enough, there is no shortage of oil! (yet) So increasing supply will not affect prices - but it will increase PROFITS if we can get more of our own supply rather than buying it from "them". Isn't that what this all boils down to?

I can no longer even possibly support a person who can be purchased so easily as Mr. McCain has been.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great Divide

The United States is deeply divided by those who still trust a dishonest administration and those who never did.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Reason I Hate Sports on TV

My DVR doesn't know that the game went into overtime. I missed the evening news again and I could care less about the stupid game.

Monday, June 02, 2008

It Should Be So Simple

Voting - how hard can it be? You cast your vote - that vote gets counted and whoever gets the most votes wins. Simple.

At what point did the American voting system get so complicated? And a better question is Why? I have tried for years to figure out the Electoral College system and I've never heard of Super Delegates until just this year. I can think of only one reason for such unnecessary complications and that is so the vote can somehow be manipulated. I'm not even sure my vote really counts anymore - especially here in Florida. But I will continue to vote. We all MUST vote. But seriously, we need to get back to basics.

Vote - Count - Done.