Friday, May 21, 2010

The Power Of Water

Water is the most abundant resource on our planet, and while most of it isn't suitable for humans to drink, nearly all of it is suitable another important use - Energy.

I believe that hydrogen is the power of the future. We already use hydrogen in the space program and we are beginning to develop hydrogen powered automobiles. When you see the Space Shuttle thrusting toward the sky, the exhaust you see isn't smoke - it's water vapor. That's right - the byproduct of burning hydrogen is water!

The problem with hydrogen power is that hydrogen is very expensive to produce. Interestingly, hydrogen gas starts from water. That H2O symbol everyone is familiar with means 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen. To create hydrogen you simply need to separate the two elements. It is not a difficult process - you run an electric current through water (with the proper equipment) and the two gasses separate. I am not a scientist but from what I understand, the process of separating H2O is actually enhanced by using salt water. But it takes a LOT of electricity to make a small amount of gas and so it can be prohibitively expensive. It can also lose it's "green" appeal if you need to use other resources like fossil fuels to produce the electricity. Even nuclear power has drastic potential side effects including where to store the radio active waste.

Here is where my idea comes in. What if we use the power of water to create the electricity needed to separate the hydrogen and the oxygen? I believe we can use our vast oceans as not only the source of fuel but also the means to create that fuel by using Wave Energy. If you are following me so far hopefully something just clicked in your head. Wave energy technology is the process of using the motion of the ocean (I like the sound of it) to create electricity. This technology already exists and is being used - at least in testing - to create electricity to power homes. I believe it can also be used to create electricity to separate H2O.

So, we start with water - use wave technology to create electricity to separate water into oxygen and hydrogen. We use the hydrogen as a fuel in transportation with the byproduct of that fuel being water. Now that's what I call a renewable fuel source! And all if it can be done off shore, possibly under water, out of site and safely away from population in case of an accidental explosion (which would have very little environmental impact). Hopefully someone smarter than me is already working on this, but if not - I hope I might get credit for thinking of it.

If this combination of existing technologies works as I think it should, every nation would have the potential of producing their own clean inexpensive renewable energy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pope's Perflexing Perception

The Pope said today that he believes the 2 most important issues affecting the world are abortion and same sex marriage. Really.

Here are my votes:

Environmental Damage

A lot of people have called the Pope "out of touch with reality". I'm going to officially call him and idiot. I was raised Catholic and I do not disrespect the good people who follow this religion, but I do disrespect this man. It is time for the parishioners to rise up and be heard. I'm certain they do not agree with this nonsense.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Splash Junk

They put a whole lot of technology in cell phones these days making them nothing less than a small, fully functioning computers. But all that technology is completely useless if the device gets wet - even just a little wet. I've even had my cell phone damaged just from sweat while working out at the gym and using it as a music player. It would take very few design changes to make these devices water proof - or at the very least water resistant. People do a lot of recreational activities on or near water - not to mention that cell phones seem magnetically drawn to the toilet somehow. I'm not sure I would want to use my phone after a visit inside the toilet - but at least if it was water resistant I could possibly rinse it off good and then it might be OK.

Did you know they even have a special screw inside phones that indicates if they have come in contact with water? That's so they don't have to pay to fix it if it accidentally got wet. Come on - if you know these things tend to get dunked, make em dunk proofed!