Friday, July 06, 2012

"Feels Like" Time

It's been really hot across most of the USA this week and the weather reporters are having a lot of fun telling us what the "feels like" temperature is. That's the way the air feels on our skin when we factor in the humidity - so if the air temperature is 87 degrees - they might say it feels like 92.

They ought to come up with some sort of a similar calculation for "Feels Like" time. Logically time ticks by at a very steady consistent pace - but it sure doesn't feel like it. I'm a pretty busy dude and usually live my life about 3 days into the future. That means I wake up with a list of things to accomplish today so that I can get to tomorrow's list which will take me into day 3. Theoretically by day 3 I should be all caught up - but somehow on day 2 I'm still living 3 days into the future - the list just keeps expanding. Plus, time feels like it is going by faster and faster every day. I'm told by some elderly friends that this just keeps getting worse as you age. It's really kind of weird.

Then - on a rare occasion as it did yesterday - time feels like it is running at normal speed. I look at the clock and think it must be 1:00pm - but it's really only noon. On the rare days when this happens - it seems to occur throughout the entire day. I still have lots of stuff to do - but I just seem to get it done - with time to spare. I like those days.

I think I've mentioned it before - I believe this "time moving fast" thing is actually a real and measurable phenomenon (da-due-da-do-do) but we just haven't determined how to measure it yet. If we somehow could then I guess we could calculate a "feels like" time and they could talk about it on the evening news. Time - after all - is a human invention. All Earth's creatures live their days by the rising and setting of the Sun (or in some cases the Moon) - but humans are the only creatures who try to "manage" time. We have to keep adjusting our time - sometimes by an hour, sometimes by a day and sometimes by only milliseconds just to make sure we are still on track. On track with what? We think we are pretty smart by tracking the movement of the Sun and Earth - but who is to say time is associated with our solar system? I think there is something larger guiding our time and that's why it does not seem consistent.

One thing is for sure, if they ever can calculate a "feels like" time, you can bet I will be on the beach on the days when the time feels slower and at work when time feels faster. It would be a very helpful index!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


You may have noticed I haven't been posting much lately. It certainly isn't because I haven't got anything to say - I have plenty! But, there is so much bla, bla, bla coverage of the election and politics it seems like I wouldn't be able to come up with anything original. But I'm not being totally silent - there is too much at stake in this coming election. So for the moment I've decided to take my virtual voice over to USA Today and other online publications to help counter the obvious effort by the Super PACs to use the comment sections as their political podium. There you will find hundreds and thousands of anti-Obama negative commentary from folks with fake Facebook accounts who claim they can't stand to read that particular "rag". Their rhetoric is predictable and scripted as if they all attend the same meeting to learn how to turn a story about kittens into an attack on Obama's policies. So, on a few carefully chosen articles I like to put in some reasonable, common sense responses to counter the constant barrage of negativity. This seems to piss them off as I've been called an idiot a lot. I must be doing something right!

Also, I try not to use my own Facebook account for political discussion - but I do comment on other people who post obviously false or misleading items. Most of them have shared a link without ever doing the research to see if it is actually true. I don't know if any of this will make a difference since the country seems so clearly divided. But I must do my part to at least make a voter go "hmmmmm." This election is critically important as I've said before. This time we choose between corporations and people. I will do whatever little part I can to make sure America stays in the hands of people.

I wonder how many of those fake Facebook accounts belong to Andre who seems to have gone missing too? LOL