Friday, October 28, 2005

Total Misunderstanding

I took offense to governor Bush's statement that we should have been better prepared for the storm. He is correct that we should all have enough food and water for several days - and some people don't prepare as they should. But I did. I had enough food and water and gas for about a week and so did most people that I talked to in the lines. But the number one priority within 24 hours of the storm is ICE! Without it - everything in the refrigerator and freezer spoils within about 24 hours. We simply can not store ice. FEMA should be aware that food and water are very important - but time is of the essence when it comes to Ice. Make helicopter drops if necessary.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

How sweet it is!

My roommate picked up a couple of hurricane relief packs [presumably] distributed by FEMA. Thankfully, we have had plenty of food so far but he was curious, and so was I, what were in them.

As it turns out - nothing that would support life for long. Juice, Jello, sugar, sugar and more sugar. There was a can of raviolies, but that was the only thing that an adult might be able to eat - especially one with blood sugar issues like mine (hypoglycemic).

Is this what is considered proper nutrition? Even in an emergency - no - especially in an emergency, people need proper nutrition to help get through the mess. How many fallen trees can I cut up on a sugar buzz? It wouldn't last for long.

If the food packs were not from FEMA - I thank those agencies that did supply them. Even if they were from FEMA - thanks are in order. But some consideration should be given to what goes in them. Real nutrition is what disaster victims need to get through the ordeal.

Some Hurricane Wilma questions from my sister and answers

Sisters questions:

Oh boy, thanks for the update, those trees look really bad! That would definitely be hard to wait 4 hours for ice -- I can't even imagine.. . Wasn't that a Category 3 by the time it got to you? I thought the others were much higher, but it seems like this one did more damage. Things are probably just getting worn down with all the thrashing they've taken this year. You must have electric at work huh? Why don't you just bring a cot in and stay there -- if you're being forced to work anyway -- just a thought.

Love You!

Glad to hear you're hanging in there! Mom said you could always move back in with her :-)


There is some debate about how strong the storm was here but the general consensus is that it was a Cat 3 when it went over us. Katrina and Rita were both Cat. 1 storms when they hit us but were much stronger in the gulf coast. I hope I never see a cat 4 or 5. This one was very scary.

We are on generator power here at work. No AC and our building had extensive roof damage so the carpets are wet in most of the building. They have the doors open to try to dry them out. We have minimal lighting etc. but at least we have the Internet!

After we got the mess cleaned up around the house it's actually been not too uncomfortable for us since we have cool weather and a gas grill with a side burner - a wise purchase I made this spring. We've been eating all the food that was in the freezer so we have been eating pretty good. But most of that is gone now. Some stores are open now so that won't be a problem any more. Gas lines, however, are a big problem. Lines are miles long and cars are running out of gas waiting in line (no electricity to pump the gas). I have about 2 days worth left (I filled up before the storm) so I'm hoping to get some out here in Coral Springs where where I work. They have power restored out here to some parts because the power lines are underground. My roommate was actually able to find ice and food rations before I even got up this morning. That saved me a lot of time today. Looks like them Bush folks are finally getting their act together. We have another one of them as our governor you know.

I actually wouldn't mind moving back in with Mom, except the cold and total lack of gay folk. LOL I'm attaching a couple of pictures that were in the newspaper.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wilma was a bitch!

Copied from an e-mail to my family:

Hey all,
Just a quick FYI as I am at work today (not sure why - but my boss insisted). We survived reletivly intact but it was very a very scary storm this time. I really thought we would lose the roof for a while but thankfully, it appears to be OK. I'm sure you have seen pictures on TV on the damage down here - and it's all real. It looks like a bomb went off - especially downtown. Entire sides of buildings are missing. All the trees have been stripped of their leaves and many are not standing at all. It's almost like someone took a buzz saw and chopped everything down to house top level. Fences are down everywhere and it's weird to be able to look right through to other people's yards.
With all the leaves off the trees it looks like winter - but of course it isn't winter here in S. Florida. However, directly after the hurricane we had record low temperatures in the low 50s. That usually doesn't happen until December - but the storm was so powerful that it brought all the cool air from up north down here. It's actually a welcome change since we don't have electricity to run our AC.
The power is off to almost the entire S. Florida area, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. The Star viewing at night has been very nice though! They say we may be without power for a month - and I believe it. Lines are down everywhere. Traffic is very complicated with blocked roads and no traffic lights at any intersections. It's not just that they are off - they are not there anymore.
I waited in line for 4 hours yesterday to get ice. We have plenty of food and water, but without ice everything spoils (and the beer sucks). You can't plan in advance to store ice because it just melts as soon as the power is out. We were also without running water for 2 days - but thankfully that has been restored. A boil order is still in effect.
I'm including some pictures - mostly of my big tree in the front yard. Keep in mind that it was whole and full of leaves just days ago. The pool has taken 3 days to get the debris out - including lots of shingles. We got it mostly out now but without electricity, it won't get cleaned up for a long time.
All in all - it's a huge mess. But, despite it all, we are in much better shape than those in Cancun. I can't imagine having to go through 3 days of a storm like that.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Maybe I'll throw the first stone.

Um........Mr. Pope? Do you really think that Jesus meant communion to be only for those that think they are without sin? Seems to me it should be the other way around.

We don't build hospitals for people who are already well. Why do we build churches for people who think they are already perfect?

King Tut's Bird Flu

Sometimes I wonder where all these new viruses and diseases come from. One theory I have is that they are not new at all - but very old aliments that we keep digging up. Whenever we open a tomb, or dig up a body for whatever reason, we expose ourselves to whatever it was that killed those people.

Of course I think it is important to explore history by exhuming ancient tombs etc., but perhaps we should be a bit more careful on how we do it. I think each find should be treated as a possible health risk, until it is determined how the person, or animal died.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

God is not playing golf.

Is it possible that God spoke only once and we wrote it all down in the Bible and God has never spoken again since? Doubtful. I believe that God talks to us all the time. God guides us and helps us each and every day. If people would look up from that one book and open their minds - they would realize that there is so much more God wants us to know - and it's changing all the time. Listen - God is still speaking

Is it possible that God created the Heavens and the Earth - and then was done? I think it's unlikely that God is enjoying an early retirement. The Heavens and the Earth are changing in big and little ways constantly. How can Christians dismiss the idea of evolution when it is happening right before their very eyes? Watch - God is still creating.

Welcome! You're Late!

I've enjoyed watching Andrew Sullivan on "Real Time - with Bill Maher" several times over the last few years. After all, a gay Republican is always sort of an oxymoron. (he is gay - right?) Anyway, on the last show he clearly has seen the light about George W. Bush, and he is not alone. With the Bush approval rating below 40 percent it's clear that W's base is slipping.

But what did it take to make this change? An endless war without a plan? A slow economy and un-imaginable deficits? Record gas prices? A painfully slow response to a major national emergency (several of them)? Failed policies? Failed proposals?

Nope - none of that. The straw that broke the camel's back seems to be the latest Supreme Court nomination. Republicans don't care for her much - even though she is one of W's close friends. Now they are starting to take notice that George W. isn't quite the steady leader they thought he was.

But lots of us knew that long ago - even before the first time he was selected. And it became so very obvious to even more of us during that first term. Yet Bush supporters will follow - without question - no matter what. Only now are they beginning to realize what a huge mistake it is to have this leadership (or rather lack of leadership) in the White House.

So welcome Andrew. We are glad you, and those like you, finally see the light. But you are a little too late. Your vote in the last election would have changed history in a very positive way. And just for the record, you can still be a Republican (even if you are gay), but it's always wise to vote for the best person for the job, and not just for your party line.

Large Grade "B" Eggs

I've looked through the entire egg case at the supermarket and no Grade B eggs. Only Grade A.

They must be hanging out with the B batteries.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Top 10 celebrities I'd like to be naked with for at least 30 minutes

**Not necessarily sexually**
I'll update this list periodically.

Eddie Murphy (Because I've been infatuated with him since High School)
Blair Underwood (sexiest man alive in my opinion)
Brad Pitt (because who wouldn't?!)
Will Smith (Another very sexy man)
R. Kelly (because I already saw him naked - allegedly)
Taye Diggs (very hot!)
Ja Rule (Also very hot - I like his style)
Sean Paul (a new infatuation)
Madonna (because it would just be fun)
George W Bush (because it would make him seriously uncomfortable)

Partial Birth Murder

Ok - I guess I have one more comment on the abortion issue. The practice of the "Partial Birth Abortion" is barbaric, inhumane, and truly revolting.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Life support - Part 2

The subject of abortion is a complicated and hot topic because, like most issues, there is no cut-n-dried answer. It is a topic that is both religious and political, can be deeply personal and their are many ways to look at it.

As stated in my previous post I believe life is precious - born or unborn. Part of the difficulty in discussing this topic is the question of when life begins. Personally, I believe that life begins at conception. In my opinion, after that point we are dealing with a human life.

I believe that birth control is something that needs to be considered before, not after. But what about the "exceptions"? Is it ok to take the life of the unborn child in order to save the mother? What about rape victims, teen pregnancy, incest and the other complicated issues? Well they are all very good questions and ones I don't have an easy answer for. It might be easy for someone who is not dealing with one of those situations to give a firm answer, but in the lives of the people actually affected it is never quite so easy.

My biggest issue is with the phrase "a women's right to choose". In my opinion, this is completely ignoring 2 other lives involved - that of the father and that of the unborn child. The child cannot speak for its self, but the father can and should be able to. Many women take this life without ever even telling the father. It's quite possible the father could raise the child and would be traumatized to learn that he didn't even have the option. Of course I realize the huge commitment it takes to carry a child to birth - but a decision like this should not be made without considering all the many alternatives. Too often abortion is considered a first resort rather than a last resort.

The other big issue is the political side. In the last presidential debates, John Kerry was asked a very difficult question about abortion and I think he did an excellent job of answering it. I will close this topic with his response.

Q: Some Catholic archbishops said that it would be a sin to vote for a candidate like you because you support a woman's right to choose an abortion and unlimited stem-cell research. What is your reaction to that?
A: I completely respect their views. I am a Catholic. And I grew up learning how to respect those views. But I disagree with them, as do many. I can't legislate or transfer to another American citizen my article of faith. What is an article of faith for me is not something that I can legislate on somebody who doesn't share that article of faith. I believe that choice is a woman's choice. It's between a woman, God and her doctor. That's why I support that. I will not allow somebody to come in and change Roe v. Wade.

Life Support - Part 1

How many people voted for George W Bush, despite his obvious issues, simply because he is "pro-life"? Yet this man has a lot of death on his hands both as a Governor and as a President. Thousands of lives have been lost at the hand of this one man. How can that be considered pro-life? And it's not just him - there seems to be a clear double standard with the religious conservatives on this issue.

Abortion? No! Capital Punishment? Of Course! They also have no problem dropping bombs killing thousands of innocents "over there" in order to accomplish some political goal. So apparently "pro-life" to them really means "keep the ones we like". Its one of the many hypocritical beliefs of these conservatives that should keep this blog going for years!

I believe that all life is precious - born or unborn. The topic of abortion is complicated and I will discuss that in part 2. However, if you are going to call yourself pro-life, and cast your vote in the name of life, try to look at the big picture. I'm thinking far fewer lives would have been lost under John Kerry than George W.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Scream

I try to choose my battles carefully - I like to fight for the little things I find unfair. But apparently I'm no good at it and here is an example.

I work in a warehouse facility that also has a corporate office in the same building. I used to go out to the warehouse vending area to get ice cream because the machine in the office didn't have the kind I like. Several weeks ago they replaced the machine in the office with the same type machine and it had those drumsticks I like! But the price was $.50 more than the warehouse. I sent an e-mail to HR asking why and they said they would check with the vendor and have it taken care of. You can almost guess what happened - they raised the price in the warehouse!

I was re-assured that the vendor had intended to raise the price anyway but I still feel it was my fault they now have to pay more. It brings new meaning to the jingle "I scream - you scream".