Friday, July 27, 2007

A Lie is a Lie

Republican Bush defenders are very quick to remind us that President Clinton lied under oath. That will never happen in the Bush Admin because they simply refuse to ever testify under oath.

But it is still a lie.

Darth Cheney

Vice President Dick Cheney is getting a new battery for his heart pace maker this week. I wish him a successful operation because I don’t wish physical harm on anyone. The funny part is that Dick (perfect name for him) has always been compared to Darth Vader from Star Wars. I suspect he has actually been dead for many years and the dark side of the force (can you say Satin?) has been keeping him going.

What is thy bidding Master? Excessive wealth at the expense of the common people? Senseless killing? World domination? I think he is doing a great job with all of those.


Well it seems cell phone ring tones have gone full circle. Over the last few years we have had to endure obnoxious ring tones from the Macarena to hard rap music. And I am totally guilty of this myself. But the entertaining part is what I’m hearing now. The most popular ring tones around my office sound like – you guessed it – phones! And not even modern phones – they sound like the old phones we used to hang on the wall with attached cords. I think it’s hilarious.

Pure BS

I would just like it noted for the record that I was never fooled by bottled water. Today a top news story reveals that most bottled water is actually just plain old tap water – possibly filtered. It specifically mentions Aqua Fina brand water bottled by none other than the Coca Cola Bottling Company. Surprise! Not.

I’ve always been suspicious this was true but it became most evident to me years ago when the night club I used to go to called The Copa only sold Copa brand water. Where did this water come from – the Copa springs? Please.

I’m glad this farce has finally been exposed to the public. We should all get refunds.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Three Possibly Irrational Fears of Mine

Dropping my keys down a storm drain while walking through the parking lot

Using the wrong date to check the lottery numbers and ripping up a winning ticket.

Saying “I love you” instead of “goodbye” when on the phone with my work clients

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

War is good for the economy

I read yesterday that the profits of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now 6 billion a month! They call it "costs" in the article but money spent is money earned. It is little wonder that those who are profiting from this mess are in no hurry to end it. In the future I think it would be a great idea to ensure that those who wage war do not profit from it. There should be a very clear distinction and laws that prevent such a vested interest.

But, of course, laws don't seem to apply to the current administration.