Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do Unto Yourselves As You Do Unto Us

When a person doesn't manage their money correctly, they may overdraw their bank account. At that point the bank not only demands that you deposit money to make up the difference, they also charge a large overdraft fee - something I've never quite understood. If you didn't have enough money to begin with, why do they think you can suddenly come up with more?

Well now it is the bank's turn. Seems many of them have "overdrawn" their systems by investing in bad mortgages and other questionable business practices. If the banking theory of penalties works for them - it should work for us too. They need to come up with the money they owe NOW. And they need to pay a penalty for overextending themselves.

What is happening instead is that the banks want us to bail them out! They actually want the tax payers to give them money so they can continue to be in business. Can you imagine what the bank's response would be if you asked them to "give" you money to cover your overdrafts? That is the same response we need to give them.

Let the banks fail. The taxpayer's money can be used to bail out the good people who would lose their money because of the failure - not the bank itself. So simple.

Electoral College - Still a Bad Idea

The election is finally over and the winner is clear - this time. Depending on which tally you look at it was either a landslide (as viewed from the Electoral College) or fairly close (as viewed by the popular vote). In my opinion the electoral college system is a very bad and dangerous way of counting an election. As witnessed in this election, it can swing the votes for an entire state in a way the popular vote doesn't resemble at all. We need to end this system before we have another mess like 2000.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The result of the election is incredible - and it has little to do with the historic nature of it. I truly believe that Barack Obama is a good and honest man. He is an eloquent speaker and believes in the power of the people. He has the ability to gather support from huge crowds. President Elect Obama has a vision of the future. He understands the many challenges we face. He will listen as well as decide. I truly believe he has the power to heal the international wounds created in the last eight years. I have great hope that he will accomplish much of what he promised. I look forward with great anticipation to his term(s) as President.

But be warned - I am not a "stand by your man" type of person as were many who supported President Bush. The promise of this new President is great, but he must earn the respect of the American people. I have no doubt he will do just that. I wish he could start today.

Change has come to America.

Official 2nd Class Citizen

Yesterday we witnessed an historic election as the people overwhelmingly elected the first African American President. I was so elated by this wonderful event I almost forgot that other blatant discrimination was voted in the very same day. Florida and California joined the ranks of many states that wrote discrimination against homosexuals into their constitution. And Alabama banned adoption by homosexuals -already the law in Florida.

How is it that we can finally break the racial barrier while clinging to other discrimination? Homosexual people are in every country, every state, every town and in a whole lot of families, yet we continue to be the most hated of all people in every corner of the world by the very act of our birth. How is it that lawmakers and some judges do not consider this unfair, especially when the argument against these rights are based on religious beliefs? Where is the separation of Church and State?

We cannot expect the rights of a minority to be protected by the majority. Would slavery have been voted away? Would women have been given the right to vote by popular vote of the men who already had that right? An issue of discrimination should never be voted on.

Equal rights for all people should be so easy. Why is it so hard?

Other countries have broken the racial barrier long before the USA when it comes to their countries leaders. Some even have equal marriage rights for homosexuals. But I can't think of one that has an openly gay President or Head of State. I wonder if it will every happen in my lifetime.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008