Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Space Sickness

We should privatize space exploration and use the money our government spends on that for a public health care system.

Personally, I have a huge interest in the mystery of Space and I believe Space travel and exploration is indeed very important for the human race. But it is very difficult to get everyone to agree on what is the best course to follow. The question of whether we should go back to the moon or head directly for Mars is a perfect example. I think private corporations could go in many directions at the same time and competition could spur more innovation and success. The government could still oversee the operations but in a much smaller role.

Meanwhile, health care for all Americans is a clear, obtainable goal and a perfect use of the public’s tax money. This way we would be using the people’s money to benefit all the people and not just the ones who agree on a particular goal. In this case, the government should have a larger role in policing the drug companies and keeping costs under control.

I think people that know me will be surprised by this post because of my interest in everything Space - but it makes good sense to me.

The World Is Best Viewed at 10 - 15 mph

Walking is too slow - you can't see much at a time

Driving is too fast - you miss too much.

Biking is perfect.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Profits of War

When one person spends - another person profits.

What is a cost to me - is a sale to someone else.

Whenever you hear the phrase "the cost of the war" - substitute the word "Cost" with the word "Profit" because what we as taxpayers are spending on equipment, food, bombs, planes, etc. eventually ends up on the balance sheet of some corporation that manufactures equipment, food, bombs, planes etc.

Now think about who we are buying these things from - often in "no-bid" contracts. The message is clear. A speedy end to the war means huge profit losses. They can't end it soon - it would cost them too much.

To me, this is the biggest money laundering operation imaginable. It funnels the money from American tax payers directly into the pockets of the corporations providing these services. And all it takes to keep it going smoothly is a video from Osama every once in a while to keep the fear alive. Is it any wonder he was never caught? It would be brilliant if it wasn't so fraudulent.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pimpin the Parents

No offense to any of my co-workers to whom this might apply, but I just think it is wrong for parents to sell stuff for their children who are not even with them. This has become a huge racket from Girl Scout cookies to $1 candy bars to magazines.

I don't mind supporting school kids on their fund raising projects. In fact, when I was in school we did many fund raisers to support our band trips. But we did it all ourselves and it was hard work. In the process we learned that making money is often not easy but could be fun. We also learned social skills. Plus, the reward for reaching our goals was so much more realistic. Granted, the parents should be there in most cases to chaperon the kids for their safety - but the kids should be the ones conducting the business.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Farts On the Dance Floor Still Stink

Oh they might not know it was you - but you really only get one chance - use it wisely.

PS It wasn't me.

Immaculate Conceptions Are On The Rise.

I still watch The View even though Rosie isn't on it - and I really like Woopie too so its all good. Today the two conservative co-hosts (Elizabeth and Sherrie - welcome Sherrie!) were flabbergasted at the suggestion that children in Jr. High School should be shown the correct way to use condoms. I don't know what world they live in but in my world that is exactly when kids start talking and thinking about sex. I've said before the time to think about birth control is before the conception. Kids WILL have sex and if you don't talk to them about it or allow schools to teach sex education, they will also get pregnant or catch a life threatening disease. It happened in my school and I guarantee it happens in every school - even the church schools. Conservatives like to believe that abstinence training works best. I'm here to tell you it doesn't work at all. It is a myth. Peer pressure is much stronger than Parent pressure. Do some research on teen pregnancy. I'm sure nearly all those kids were told not to have sex.

Educating children about protected sex does not encourage them to do it. It protects them from it. If you deny this reality then I hope you enjoy your early grandchildren.

Media Mahem

I love Rosie O'Donnell. I'm not the type that gets star struck and I don't know if I consider my admiration for Rosie as such but I bring it up for a very important reason. I was delighted when I heard she would be the moderator on The View and I watched every episode of the show last year. At the same time I discovered Rosie's Blog and read it daily as well. But the media depiction of events that happened on the show - and even things in her blog are totally inaccurate to the events that really happened if you watched the show or read the blog. This became a big eye opener for me. It seems most things you watch on TV or see in the tabloids and even reputable newspapers and magazines are twisted and edited for dramatic effect. Apparently truth doesn't sell as well as drama. Please always keep that in mind whenever you read or view something that you didn't see for yourself.

By the way, the truth about Rosie, in my opinion, is that she is one of the most brilliant, generous and incredibly real celebrities I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Eleanore Roosevelt Once Said.......

I think it would be wonderful to be quoted like that and I guess it's a life goal of mine. But I doubt that I've said or written anything yet that hasn't already been said. And of course most people don't get quoted until they are dead so I can wait a while.

I just wish I could believe him

I watched President Bush’s speech tonight touting the great achievements in Iraq due to his troop surge plan. I want to believe him – I really do. But this man and this administration have outright lied to us so many times already that I’m afraid I no longer believe a single word that comes from that office unless there is outside proof. I’ll wait for that.

How sad we can’t trust the leader of this country.

Choose Your Program

The new TV season starts soon (finally!). I just wish I could watch all my favorite shows. I just don’t understand why the Networks put the same type shows to air on the same night at the same time. Most times my DVR can’t even record the shows I want because it’s already recording something else. Then, sadly, the next night there isn’t anything on that I want to see. The Network Execs sit back and count the viewers that choose their show and sell advertisements based on those numbers. Here is a hint they somehow haven’t thought of: I’ll watch BOTH programs if I can. Why do they make us choose?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Intelligent Design

God created humans with intelligence and an insatiable desire for knowledge. Therefore it should be no surprise that God left clues to our creation to be discovered if we choose to investigate. Using science, we can follow these clues and form theories on the grand nature of the Universe - where we came from and more importantly, where we are going.

Understanding Creation may take some of the mystery out of our existence, but it does not reduce the Majesty of God's design.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Astro Gets His Wings

I believe that life continues after our physical existence on this earth is completed and I hope our pets continue to the same place. My dear friend Astro entered the spirit world yesterday and I will miss him dearly. There is no way to explain in written word how incredible this dog was – so human in his actions and expressions. In his youth he empowered so much energy and jest for life. Often stubborn but with a smartness you don’t expect from an animal. He often sat on my lap at the table on the deck while friends chatted over a beer – listening intently as if he had something to add. Like another person, he slept in the bed with his head on the pillow, by morning stretched out sideways as my partner and I clung to the edge. But life is sadly short for dogs and soon he wasn’t able to get in the bed anymore. As he aged and his health became more dependant on me, I learned valuable lessons on respect for life which is often not easy or convenient. At the tender age of around 110 (16 people years), his life has ended but his incredible spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. And I believe his spirit also lives in a place where I will one day see him again. Rest in peace Astro.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Financing Bigotry

I don't see why I have to pay taxes to these government organizations that are outright sponsoring bigotry and hatred. My hard earned income tax is going to the Federal Government who is denying my basic equal rights as a legal citizen of this country because I am a gay man. And now the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is creating an environment of hatred where I do not feel safe. I am a home owner in this city where I am paying out of control real estate taxes. That money is being used by our elected officials to wage a campaign against good upstanding citizens who happen to be gay. Why must I pay for this?

But of course if I don't I go to jail. I voluntarily stopped donating to organized religions who choose bigotry over Christianity, but I don't get that choice with taxes. I'm paying for my own oppression on every level. It is sick injustice.