Saturday, March 29, 2008

Global Warming

Global warming is happening so fast that even Easter was very early this year.

But seriously folks - it's real, it could be devastating to our entire planet and it is happening even faster than anyone predicted. It's too late to act - but we need to react NOW and we need to do so in big ways. Listen to the scientists - not the politicians or those who have a vested interest in keeping things the same.

So far there is only one planet that we know of where humans can live comfortably. Lets try to keep it that way.

Friday, March 28, 2008


A lot of folks are losing their homes due to the burst housing bubble and it's very sad. Now the banks own a lot of houses but even if they have to sell them at a much reduced price - they still make a ton of money because they esentially got the homes for free.

I guess it works out pretty well for them. Doesn't it always?

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I'll use analogies to make a couple of points:

On the Iraq war - Imagine if you will that Iraq (if they were capable) invaded the USA to knock out our evil President and liberate the people from the chains of Capitalism. They come here and succeed at capturing or killing our President. Would we, as Americans, then celebrate and allow these occupiers to change our country to a new Government? I think not. There would be a massive backlash and even those who do not like this President (a majority I think at this point) would fight back to keep our values, various religions, and freedoms. We would fight and we would fight hard until the invaders left. Is it so hard to imagine another country might do so as well?

On Capitol Punishment - If it were possible to know in advance that the baby you carry would become a violent psychopathic killer and there was nothing we could do about it, would it then be OK to abort that child in the religions that forbid abortion? Most religious people condemn abortion but celebrate capitol punishment. Is there really a difference?

On the Economy - If I applied for every credit card application that came to my mailbox and were accepted and then proceeded to max out all those cards thereby acquiring massive debt and interest fees - would I be considered rich or successful? Would anyone feel sorry for me because I was so stupid to do this? Our nation is run the same way. Through senseless wars lasting years while costing trillions, low exports because of substandard quality, and by sending our jobs overseas, we have maxed out our debt. We are no longer rich or successful (or stable or a super power).

Gay, By God

Gay is God's way. I don't know why God created (yes created) homosexual people but I suspect God had a very good reason to do so (I've guessed at what they might be in other articles). It's not for me to question God's wisdom - and it's not for you to question either.