Friday, December 29, 2006

Past Century Marketing

I'd like to add another small request to this list:

TV and Radio commercials must remain at the same volume level as the rest of the programming.

The Gods of War

Beware of those who fight wars in the name of their God. In my opinion, there is no greater oxymoron than the words "Holy War". Are we really to believe that the the creator of life itself wants us to take take those lives in his name? What would be the logic in that?

During this Holiday season, many people celebrate different versions of their God. We need to understand that we all celebrate and worship the same Deity - the creator of life. If a person believes something that does not agree with what you were taught, it does not make them wrong - even if you have a book to "prove" it. They have a book too.

You do not need to believe what another person believes. More importantly, they do not need to believe what you believe. Faith in God is deeply personal and different for each of us. If only we could stop trying to force our beliefs on others, we might actually have a chance at Peace On Earth.

Properly Hung

As I've said in the past, I am against Capital Punishment. However, other countries seem to do it right. Tonight it is reported that Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging only several days after his trial ended. No feeding the accused for 20 years. And no living for 20 years with the knowledge that you will be executed.

If it has to be done - that is the way to do it.