Sunday, June 03, 2012

Corporations or People

The general election is well underway and the stakes couldn't be higher. There will be lots of "issues" discussed over the next several months in campaign ads, talk shows, and debates. But in this election - there really is only one big decision to be made.

This year we vote for corporations or we vote for people. That is the only choice.

There is no better corporate pawn than Mitt Romney. That is why, even though his own party was not thrilled with him - it was imperative that he was chosen as the nominee. Corporations have a huge stake in this election and ordinary Americans have a tremendous lot to lose should he become president. The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court has paved the way for this critical moment in time. Let me say that again - critical moment in time. Corporations now have the power to purchase an election - and they very well could this time. They have already purchased their candidate.

I still predict that President Obama will win this election - but I fear for America if he does not. Corporations do not care about America - they only care about profits. Once the corporations have taken control there will be no turning back. Every election after that point will be bought and paid for by corporations and the candidates purchased and placed in office will be nothing more than game pieces on a giant Monopoly game board.

If you really are one of those undecided voters - or if you are voting Republican because you support an issue like guns, abortion, gay rights or some other personal issue - you need to know that none of that matters in this election. There is only one question to be answered: Corporations or People?

If we choose people over corporations - by re-electing President Obama - we may have a chance at overturning Citizens United. Only then will the power remain with the people. Otherwise we will likely never get that opportunity again. Choose wisely.

UPDATE: 6/5/12 Corporations just purchased another election - the recall elections in Wisconsin. It would be nice to imagine that Gov. Walker really is the people's choice but the imbalance in spending is hard to ignore. The Democratic opponent supporters spent 17.9 million - Gov walker supporters spent $63 million! More important is that the bulk of that $63 million came from OUTSIDE the state of Wisconsin. That is quite terrifying!