Monday, March 28, 2011


I saw a discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher about the crisis of the Bees dying off across the nation. I wonder if anyone has given any thought to the effects of genetic engineering of plants and their interaction with bees. If I had to guess I'd say that bees can't "see" genetically engineered crops the same way they "see" a natural plant.

We can't assume that the rest of nature will quickly adapt to our genetic tampering. When unaltered plants cross with genetically altered plants, they too become genetically altered. While using science to generate more food for our exponentially increasing population, we may find we have engineered our own starvation. Reversing the process once started will be nearly impossible. We've already started - now what?

We can't live without bees.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great - Another War

I wish we could help everyone with their problems - I really do. But sometimes I think it's best to just mind our own business. Regarding humanitarian issues, I think it would be more productive to help build than to help destroy.

On the other hand - I have been carefully observing this issue in Libya and that dude is a crazy madman! At least we are not going in alone this time. Let's pray it is a fast procedure as we can't afford this.

A note of interest: Once again you would think the GOP would be all supportive of this as they love war. But apparently not if it is Obama's war. Nothing but negative comments online. They are hypocritical idiots.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Taxes- a yuk word no matter who you are. But taxes are a necessary part of an orderly society as our tax dollars provide needed infrastructure and services that benefit society as a whole. As individuals nearly all of us face sales taxes, income taxes and property taxes. Only the rich seem to be able to avoid taxes - as contradictory as that may seem. Taxes are a part of life.

Businesses pay taxes too - or at least they should. But lately it seems Republican businesses do nothing but whine and complain about taxes saying it keeps them from being competitive and prevents job creation. Guess what - taxes are a normal cost of doing business in this country the same as electricity, water, and raw materials. Can you imagine a business calling the electric company and saying they don't want to pay their electric bill because it keeps them from being competitive and stops job growth? They would be working without electricity in no-time. In the same way - taxes should not be optional. If you operate a business in this country you have a responsibility to pay a fair share of taxes to support the infrastructure and services of our government. After all, if your business catches fire - you'll want someone to put that out. You might also want trucks and cars to be able to get to your business via roads and rails. These things don't come free - and it shouldn't be left to individuals to pay all these costs.

It should be noted that Democrats own business too - yet we pay our fair share of taxes without complaint. We do so while still generating a profit and providing growth resulting in more jobs. How is it that Democrats can do this and Republicans can't?

We are not falling for your scare tactics. Pay your taxes and stop your whining. We're sick of it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Government by the People - For the People

It's time we all take a step back and realize that Government exists to protect and support the rights of people. It is not the function of Government to protect or promote business.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ronnie Wouldn't Be Happy

Let me first say that I was never a fan of Reagan. But those in the GOP who claim him as their idol should heed what he said and at least some of what he did - including raise taxes.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Make Them Worthless

So it appears that a few (very few) Americans have amassed all the wealth of this country while leaving the rest of us to struggle to pay even the basic costs of living. It's sad and seems hopeless. But I have an idea. What is a billion dollars worth if a $1 isn't worth anything? That's right! Nothing.

How do we make it so? By creating a new currency. It's the only way. We need to come up with some other means of trading goods and services that doesn't include the dollar bill. And it can't be based on gold - since they have been gathering that up too. The new currency will need to be based on something they haven't already horded. Maybe it need only be the goods and services themselves - like in the past. I'll trade a chicken for some wheat. I'll trim your trees if you dry clean my clothes. You get the idea.

Imagine if we could actually pull this off - it would be the greatest coup d'├ętat ever! Suddenly the uber-rich would be totally broke. Wall street would be a thing of the past. We would suddenly have our bargaining power back - at least for a while until they gather it all up again. All we need to do is stop using "their" money. Once we stop trading with it - it will be worthless and they will be broke.

Unfortunately I'm not a financial genius of the type it would take to pull something like this off. But I am a creative problem solver. I've solved this problem - someone make it so!

Thursday, March 03, 2011