Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stepping Out

I started this blog some years ago during the Bush administration as a way to vent my frustrations on the direction the so called conservatives were taking this country. Since then whenever something makes me really angry I make a point to log on and write about it. I never really expected this blog to be read and was even a bit surprised when I received a few comments on my articles by a couple of readers. Writing the articles does sometimes help me feel better - vented if you will - and knowing at least someone reads it helps too, but I'm now realizing that venting isn't accomplishing anything. Myself and many other "middle of the road" and left wing blog writers can type away all day long and nothing will ever get changed.

The recent peaceful protests in Egypt over the last few weeks and the massive change they were able to accomplish were awe inspiring. The movement may have been started by social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter - but if the protesters had stayed at home and wrote blog articles about their frustrations I doubt we would have seen any change at all.

Guess who else figured this all out way before me - the Tea Party. Since the last presidential election we have seen a constant array of LOUD protests from this extremist group. They've had town hall meetings protesting health care reform (some toting visible guns), protests on Washington and a constant stream of their obnoxious political figures marching across my TV and Internet screens. They have created controversy using very inappropriate graphics and statements thus launching more media coverage of their agenda. The point is we have definitely seen them and heard them. And so did the voters in the last election.

I haven't made a New Years resolution yet this year so I'm going to make one now. I plan to step beyond this blog and out into the streets whenever and however I can to help get the Democratic point of view heard as well. I urge other liberal blog writers to do the same. I strongly believe that there are more Democrats than Republicans in this country but you wouldn't know it by watching TV. It's not that the Democrats have been complacent, it's that we have been ineffective. We need to get out and be seen!

We need to start these protests on our local level. Many states have newly elected Tea Party Governors and Senators. Most of those states already have new legislation against same sex marriage, health care reform, needed social programs and may other outrages. We need to get out in front of those state capitals or even the local courthouse and make a statement! I will begin to do some research on ways to do this in an effective and visible manor and report back with my findings.

We cannot wait until we end up with a Tea Party President to start our protests - we need to start now before it is too late! Let's Go!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

No Orange Juice In Florida - We Drink Tea Now!

Florida has a new Governor and he is 100% Tea Party. We already have Arizona as an example of how these new extremists work - but I'd like to invite the USA to observe what is happening already in Florida.

Our new Governor has so far kept his promise of slashing our state government. I'd like everyone to take notice not of how much he is cutting but where those cuts are happening. From what I've read so far the first item on the chopping block is state parks. Who needs those pesky green spots when you can have more condos instead! It's just good business!

Next up is education! Knowledge is power - lets not let our youth get too smart or they might not vote republican next time!

Let's not forget Medicare and Medicaid. Everyone knows privately run health insurance has the best interest of those pesky old people in mind. Careful! They used to be your supporters!

Then there is the elimination of thousands of jobs. Der - what??!

And of course the tax cuts - lots and lots of tax cuts. Oh, but not for those of us with tiny houses - these cuts are for those big McMansions and the eventual total elimination of business tax.

So now we will have a government that doesn't have any funding, far more people unemployed, stupid kids, dead old people, and unregulated business adding to the already lowest standard of living in the USA.


The Conservative Party is Anything But

It strikes me as the ultimate hypocrisy that Republicans have become known as the "Conservative" party. They certainly don't act the part.

I'm a conservative. I shut lights off when I leave the room, I use water very sparingly, I drive a fuel efficient car, I ride my bicycle whenever possible, my thermostat in my home is set at 77 for hot weather and 65 for cold weather, I recycle and I used to be in a carpool when I had a long commute. On a global level I believe we need to conserve the Earth's natural resources knowing that everything we have on this planet is limited. I believe in protecting the environment from contamination, pollution and over-use. I believe in protecting wildlife and endangered species knowing you can never bring them back once they are gone. I also have conservative fiscal views knowing that if I take more than my share someone else will go without.

Conservatism means taking only what you need. Waste not - want not. Sharing with others. Protecting our limited resources.

Republicans are NOT conservative.

The policies of the GOP show little respect for the environment. They are against any sort of pollution control. They don't believe in scientifically proven facts on climate change, endangered wildlife, or the effects on human interaction with the earth's fragile environments. Their policies reflect an attitude of use it up - wear it out. They drive huge wasteful vehicles, tear up natural habitats with ATV vehicles, and drill baby drill! They will move to a desert and use limited water to have a lush green lawn. When it comes to fiscal policy, they are even worse. They try to keep the government from receiving funds so they then horde all the money for themselves leaving others to live lives in poverty. These are not conservative values. These are wasteful values.

I don't think the GOP or the Tea Party folks should be allowed to be called conservative. We need a better word for them. Something like Right Wing Caviler

You know what? Lets get rid of that word Right too because they are very wrong.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Too Many Sea Men Killed The Internet

The largest gay cruise is sailing out of Fort Lauderdale today with nearly 6000 passengers - sadly without my financially strapped self. Coincidentally one of the most popular gay dating sites is unreachable this morning - apparently it couldn't handle the load.

Calling Dr. Freud

Is it just me or does this logo seem really phallic?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Rape is Rape

The Republicans are up to their un-compassionate selves again. This time they have no compassion for rape victims! They don't believe that women who are date-raped, drugged-raped, incest-raped are real rape victims. Those women apparently chose their destiny and therefore the government shouldn't fund a possible abortion. This is a shining example of how Republicans think (or rather don't think) - and it is truly revolting.

Rape is Rape - period. There is no rape that is better or worse than another version.