Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Are Everywhere!

On my recent road trip, I ended up in some much smaller communities that surprisingly had a gay populations, but not as visible as the larger cities. In these smaller towns people live quieter lives and go mostly unnoticed in their day to day lives. Those that oppose us - let's call them Haters - like to believe that we are a tiny, insignificant but undesirable part of their perfect world. This trip made me realize that there are far more homosexual people in this world than they would imagine. Actually, I think there far more than even I imagined. This is proof positive, if you ask me, that we are born and not learned. I think once conservative America is finally forced to understand that FACT, then the issue of rights etc. should be a moot point. Once we understand the FACT that God created us the way we are, then to question that creation is to question God's design. That can't be good for one's salvation.

My Hero - Google Maps

I just returned from a wonderful little road trip to the Deep South which oddly, I drove quite a bit North to get to. Anyway, I took this trip alone and visited several cities I had never been to before. I'm usually not the type to get lost easily but none of these places had nice grid type streets and I actually did lose my way several times. Thank goodness for Google Maps on my Treo phone! It's not like other map sites on the Internet - it's a separate little program that zooms, slides, guides, and points exactly to that place you want to go - with some handy other suggestions in true Google style. And it even shows it in Satellite view if you want which can be very helpful in unfamiliar surroundings. Neat!

I'm not one to give product endorsements but Google Maps on my PDA is the schizzle!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why do they call them appetizers when clearly they make you less hungry?

Outsourcing War

I wish I had never heard of "BlackWater". It only makes me realize that my post on The Profits of War , which I wrote before I knew what Blackwater is, was probably right on target - and that is so very sad.

Stuck in '04

Time is slipping by – faster every day. The weeks are like days, years like months and as I get older time just seems to slip by ever more swiftly. I know I am not alone with this feeling. I honestly believe there is some phenomena that is actually happening and it is not just a perception that we have. As a child I remember summer vacation seeming like years, now the kids are out of school and right back in before I even realize it.

One theory I had was that our perception of time changes as we experience the passing days. For instance, the first day we were born, our whole life was that one day. The next day of life we lived what would be two lifetimes as seen from the first day. Each day that passes shows us that our days are actually going by faster than we originally thought because our perception of that day is reduced by a percentage of the amount of time we have been alive. But the theory falls sort because the percentage shrinks as we age, so our perception of time should be slowing down. For example, the second day of life it was 1/2, the third day 1/3 etc. As the years go by, that percentage gets really small so it should seem like the days are in fact mostly the same length. But the reverse seems to be true – they seem much shorter every day.

My current theory is that time is directly related to the way the universe is growing at an ever increasing rate. This is probably not even my theory, I likely picked it up in an article or movie, but it does make sense. I think sometime soon we may actually be able to measure this change in our perception of time. I’m not sure what the rate is now, but I can tell you how it feels. In my work I have to type a lot of dates – mostly the current date. I keep finding myself typing in ‘04 instead of ‘07. Apparently, my perception of time is about 3 years behind where I actually am. It will be interesting to see if I stay stuck in ’04 of if I eventually move ahead.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Magic Science

There are some things we use in our daily lives that, while I understand how they work, I just don't understand HOW they work. Maybe a couple of examples will clear that sentence up a bit.

Microwave ovens are one of these great mysteries. I know the concept of the thing, but it still amazes me. You put the food in, push some buttons, a fan runs and the food gets hot -even though the oven doesn't get hot and neither does the plate! But I think the bigger mystery here is that it never works right for bread. Everything else - fine, but bread - it practically changes form. But I digress.

Another thing that seems a mystery to me is even more simple - Sunscreen. The suns rays come all this way - billions of miles and if I put a tiny layer of cream on my skin it blocks the harmful rays that would burn me horribly otherwise. You can't even see it!

Those huge airliners getting off the ground - incredible. But somehow that concept makes sense to me. Sunscreen and Microwaves though, that has to be some form of magic.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Average American Has a Blog

You may have noticed in my blog thesis that I call myself “Your Basic Average Dude”. Why you ask? Well let me explain.

I read a lot of periodicals and news stories – especially on the Internet. Most of these stories prove their points by saying things like:

“The average American shops at….”
“The average American drives a……”
“The average American’s daily commute is …….”

Well, you get the picture. I’m just amazed at how often I fit right into the neat little statistic they came up with. And I guess it suits me. I don’t consider myself above average and I certainly don’t want to be below average. So I am “Your Basic Average Dude”.

And just for the record, while it happens with amazing frequency, I’m not always exactly average. ;)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The "N" Word Is't Nice

The big debate in the music business right now is weather Hip Hop artists should be allowed to use the “N” word in their songs. It is a very interesting debate because it makes us seriously examine our American right to free speech.

I have been a huge fan of Hip Hop music for years now. I own and play (sometimes loudly) the uncensored versions of music with profanity and even the “N” word so it is a relevant topic for me. I can agree (or disagree) with both sides of this topic. I understand the concept of using a word that has been used in hate in such a way that it loses its power. We in the gay community have done so with the “F” word (the other one). But I also understand that many people have fought long and hard to rise above the hatred that originally gave the word its power. I believe they are correct in saying we should stop using it all together. There are also those that say it is wrong to subject small children to these hurtful words - and that is also a good point.

I believe censorship is rarely a good idea – especially for artists. But there may be way to somewhat censor without curbing creativity. Here is my suggestion. The entertainment industry is all about awards and award shows. What if we say your song will not be eligible for a public award if it uses “that” word in any version. I think a lot of artists would think twice if they knew their efforts would not be recognized if they choose to use offensive language. Again, it is censorship (which I am against) but it might work at least a little.

I say “in any version” of the song because I have to admit – I am tired of listening to radio edits of songs with half the lyrics either beeped or worse, just cut out. To me – that is more offensive than the words themselves.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pack Your Bags!

A while back I discovered a way to make my life just a bit easier. I have a bag already packed for those activities I do regularly. I have a bag for the gym – all ready to go including a fresh towel I can replace after my workout. Going to the beach? Got a bag packed for that already too! Off to work I go as I grab my backpack with everything I need to take to the office with me (remember the laptop!). My office backpack has just about anything I would need as far as personal health items like aspirin, Tums, travel size mouth wash and deodorant – just in case.

It’s really a great way to be somewhat organized.