Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blind Faith In Fake Money

Money isn't real.  It's completely fake.  It's made-up.  It's a farce.

Wait - that's the end of the story - let me start at the beginning.  Once upon a time in all the lands of the Earth, people traded things for things.  I might trade a chicken for some rice, some rice for clothing etc. etc.  Things like that were real - they had real value.  Commerce ran completely well on trading things for things.  Then, someone decided that we needed a representation of things - rather than real things to make commerce run better.  Money was born.

In the beginning money was backed by real things and then at some point we started putting value on some things simply because they were rare or pretty.  We put value on things like gold and diamonds and our money became based on the value of those items.  American currency was supposedly backed by gold and we are supposed to believe that there is enough gold somewhere that every dollar of our paper money is backed by so much gold.  That's a lot of gold!  It isn't hard to image that there isn't enough gold to equal the amount of American money in circulation.  So at some point, our money became fake.  Our money is simply printed paper and coins - that's all.  So why does it work?  Because we have FAITH that it is real.  We still believe that printed paper or a coin is backed by something of equal value and that faith in currency keeps the whole thing running.  Lately our faith in currency has grown even stronger so we don't even need printed paper or coins anymore - just a number on a computer screen that shows how much we "have".

Think about this:  In 2008 the economy crashed - not just here but in most world markets.  It happened very quickly.  That was a few years ago but try to remember - when the economy crashed - did you suddenly have less things?  Nope - most of us had exactly the same stuff for a while but somehow that "stuff" was worth less than it was just weeks before.  Your house may have suddenly lost thousands of dollars of value - even though it remained exactly the same.  You may have lost your job because your company couldn't afford to hire you - even though they were making the exact same things.  The exact same food at the grocery store became so much more expensive.  The same gas you bought last week suddenly cost so much more.  All of that based on the simple fact that an arrow on a Wall Street computer screen pointed down instead of up.  Nothing changed except an arrow pointed down.  Now things are getting better because those arrows are pointing up.  Same stuff - just worth more.  It's fake.  All fake.  And we all believe it.

Even the things I mentioned that were supposed to back up our currency are fake. Gold has very little value at all except as an excellent conductor of electricity and a few other traits that mean nothing to most of us.  Diamonds make great cutting tools and have some unique properties with light - but that is about the extent of their true value.  We put faith (value) on these things because they are rare or pretty - but it is blind faith because in reality those things are pretty worthless.  You can't eat gold or diamonds or at least I wouldn't recommend it.  When you see the phrase "In God We Trust" you might realize the end of the phrase is missing.  It should say "In God We Trust You Won't Realize That This Is Worthless".

It's interesting to me that all of us put such blind faith in something so completely fake as money.  We don't even think about it - it just "is".  But there is is a real cost to this blind faith.  We have allowed fake money to be more valuable than real things.  And the people or corporations who have the most fake money are the most powerful.  My previous article attempted to explain how we are under the throws of corporate tyranny.  The tyranny is real but guess what, the thing that makes it possible at all is completely fake.  Let me re-state that.  We put blind faith in fake money and then allow ourselves to be controlled by this fake money.  Wow!

A reasonable person who has gotten to this point in this article should have reached a simple conclusion if they agree with anything that has been said.  We have the power to topple corporate tyranny and income inequality completely by removing the blind faith we have in fake currency.  We need to go back to a time where we traded real things for real things.  If everyone woke up one day and decided they no longer believed money was real then it would simply cease to exist.  At that point all we would have is the physical things we currently have.  Granted - the rich would still be rich because they have more physical things - but their wealth would be reduced by anything that previously showed up on a computer screen or bank account.  Their possession would also hold different value because who would trade a chicken for a Gucci t-shirt when the Gucci name is completely fake and worthless?

Money is fake.  Gold is fake.  Diamonds are fake.  Wake up and believe in what is real.

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